About Us

King Oil Company is a family owned and operated business which has been producing high performance lubricants for nearly 30 years. We don't believe in cutting corners or compromising on quality. Doing things the "right way" is much more important to us than doing things "the cheapest way". Our desire is to serve our customers by providing them with the highest quality lubricants, superior customer service and the most reasonable prices possible. We manufacture over 400 types and viscosity grades of petroleum and synthetic oils and lubricants. These include hydraulic oils, motor oils, tractor and transmission fluids, gear lubes, metalworking oils, additives, greases, food grade lubricants, concrete form release oils and many more. We have even custom blended products specifically for a customer's unique requirements. Using our products can help a business to significantly increase efficiency by reducing wear rates, extending equipment life and reducing energy requirements.

We have experienced sustained and sensible growth over the years, utilizing a network of distributors which has now expanded to over 30 states and other countries. Technical advice is also available to our customers in regards to the best lubricants and the best procedures to keep their equipment operating at peak efficiency.


  • 12314 Huyett Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-552-7432
  • Fax: 301-797-1963
  • info@kingoilcompany.com